September hurricane season is well underway in Hampton Roads, starting with Hurricane Florence.

Hello Hampton Roads and other avid garden caretakers!

As you know, unless you’ve been under a rock lately, Hurricane Florence is well on her way to the east coast. She will be in full effect beginning Thursday and continuing through the weekend. Folks are usually encouraged to prepare the home by buying bottled water, canned foods, flashlights, batteries and the list goes on. However, many people forget to prepare outside of the home which can greatly reduce damage caused by wind and water. Preparing your home’s surroundings may prevent major damage to your property and hours of debris cleanup.

Here are a few precautionary measures to take outside of the home:

Secure lawn furniture. If at all possible, bring large objects, such as furniture, grills, yard art, bicycles, toys, bird feeders, dog houses, or trash cans inside a garage or storage shed. Lawn furniture can be tossed into a pool to be protected from wind. If items cannot be brought inside, secure them with rope or a garden hose. Large trees may act as an anchor for such items. Pesticides, chemicals, and motor fuel should be stored in an enclosed shelter high off the ground to prevent contamination. Do not bring propane tanks inside your home.

Move potted plants. Potted plants and hanging baskets should be removed from open areas. Bring vulnerable plants indoors if possible. If pots remain outside, nestle between large rocks or on the lee side of a wall protected from high speed winds. Large potted trees can be safely tipped with the top pointed away from expected wind direction.

Cut the grass. Who knows when your next opportunity will be to mow the lawn? Cut your grass to a shorter height in case bad weather persists longer than anticipated. This will also make cleaning up post hurricane debris much easier.

Protect new plantings. Young trees are especially vulnerable to high speed wind. Stake any newly planted tree firmly into the ground and make sure existing stakes are secure.

Unplug electrical cords and make sure fountains are turned off and secured.

Remember, anything can become a dangerous projectile in hurricane force winds. Protect yourself and your home from such hazards. Locate your utility cut offs for power, gas, and water in case of emergency. Otherwise, make lots of ice cubes, fill your tub for toilet flushing reserves, and pick up some good reading material.

Stay safe Hampton Roads, hurricane season is among us! 

CSE will be available for debris cleanup following inclement weather.

Our team of professions will happily clear any storm debris, including broken tree branches, from your property after the storm dissipates. Call and schedule your cleanup early for a timely response.