‘To mulch or not to mulch; is there any question?’ “BEHOLD, MY FRIENDS, THE SPRING IS COME; THE EARTH HAS GLADLY RECEIVED THE EMBRACES OF THE SUN, AND WE SHALL SOON SEE THE RESULTS OF THEIR LOVE.” -Sitting Bull The time has come indeed. You know Spring is here when the tulips begin to rear their bulbous blossoms. Enough is enough Winter! Leave our Cherry Blossums in peace so that I may bask in their pinkish hue. Spring is truely in the air and Sitting Bull nailed it. We will soon see the results. This applies to all your pesky growers as well. Dandelion, ragweed, and crabgrass are all on the move. There are, however, some methods of attacking our lawns’ mortal enemies. One amazing, natural solution can often be overlooked. I’m talking mulch, baby! Adding a fresh layer of mulch to your beds offers several benefits. ONE: Mulch limits the amount of sunshine that reaches those nasty weed seeds. By filling the areas around your favorable foliage with mulch you decrease the amount of unwanted growth while adding a nice backdrop for your blossoms.